Colabra is getting new features and improvements every month.

  • Published on
    April 24, 2021

    Code block syntax highlighing

    Python syntax highlighting

    Code syntax highlighting

    We've always offered a simple code block in Colabra, but some of you who do more computational work have asked for more power and customization. With the latest update, you get syntax highlighting support for a whopping 193 programming languages! You can let us choose the right one automatically based on your snippet, or pick the right language yourself.

    File uploads

    File uploads

    In our last update, we let you drag and drop images directly into your experiment and project summaries. Now, you can do the same with any other file type (as long as it's under 15MB). Expect further improvements, such as previews for popular file formats, over the coming months!

    Fixes and improvements

    • Open original image block menu item
    • Download original image block menu item
    • Replace image block menu item
    • Fixed onboarding bug