Colabra is getting new features and improvements every month.

  • Published on
    June 7, 2021

    Settings & printing

    Lab experiment progress tracking

    Combined settings panel

    We've completely revamped the settings UX, and unified account and workspace settings under a single modal that won't take you away from what you're working on. This update also allows you to set your default view (to last accessed workspace or project), auto-assign new experiments, and turn off email notifications. On the enterprise plan, you can also disable project archive export, or regularly auto-expire password for all workspace members.

    Printing and PDF export

    Many scientific workflows still rely on pen and paper. For example, to avoid contamination, you may only be allowed to bring printouts to your wet lab experiments. With this release, you can hit Ctrl + P, or click Print summary in the three-dot menu to print out a project/experiment summary and activity log, or export it as a PDF.

    Fixes and improvements

    • Faster loading times
    • Smoother transitions between views
    • Trimming leading & trailing spaces in titles
    • Pick user role before inviting a collaborator
    • Version number in the settings modal
    • Hiding notifications during onboarding
    • Fixed redundant redirects