Projects and experiments

Projects define larger pieces of work that have a clear outcome, such as hitting grant milestones, fulfilling customer requests, or developing new product lines.

Each Project consists of multiple experiments which can be spread across multiple collaborators. You can optionally set a target date, Experiment leads, and a Project description.

Project view

Export project archive

There are situations where you will want to download your data to be available locally on your desktop (for backup and compliance, if you are looking to move off of Colabra, to share your work in a physical copy, etc.).

You can export entire Projects using the Export button on the three dots on the top right of the Project page.

Project menu

This will download an archive with:

  • All experiments (.md)
  • Embedded images and data files
  • Physical note scans (.jpg)
  • Comments and activity logs (.md)

You can save an individual experiment as a PDF by pressing Ctrl + P or using the Print menu in your browser.

You can also download any image or file embedded in an experiments individually by hovering it in the UI and clicking the three-dot menu, followed by Download.

Image menu

Delete a project or experiment

To delete a project, click the three dots on the top right of the project page, and select "Delete project."

Delete project

You will be prompted to type in the name of the Project (to make sure that you aren't accidentally deleting the Project).

Confirm delete project

To delete an Experiment, follow the same steps.