Slash commands

The Slash command lies at the heart of what makes Colabra unique.

To start, type “/” in your project or experiment summary. This will open a list that allow you to insert content blocks from simple headers, to advanced integrations.

Slash commands

You can use slash commands to insert:

  • headers
  • bullet, numbered and to-do lists
  • images
  • tables
  • code blocks
  • Protocols and recipes
  • Links to other experiments
  • LaTeX equations
  • DNA sequences
  • Molecular structures
  • Microscope images
  • Lab inventory/equipment
  • Collaborator mentions
  • Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents
  • Any other kind of file

The Slash command is how we keep the product lightweight and intuitive, even after we’ve begun to add more blocks and third-party integrations.

If there is a block or integration that you would find useful, please don’t hesitate to let us know!