Whenever there's a change to an experiment you're involved in, a notification will show up in the lefthand menu of the screen.


You can also receive notifications by email, mobile (Android or iOS), and Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Go to the Notifications section of the Settings menu to control when and how you get notified.

From the notifications page, you can also opt-in to receive updates when someone accepts your Colabra invite and updates from the Colabra team.

You'll receive a notification when you’re @mentioned, or when an experiment you’re subscribed to:

  • is assigned to you
  • changes in status
  • receives a comment

In-app, mobile, Slack and Microsoft Teams notifications are sent in real time. Email notifications are designed with time delays based on urgency and are only sent if you haven't already read the notification. Mobile notifications work on our iOS and Android apps.

You can use the Slack or Microsoft Teams integration to get real-time updates in a group chat channel.