Lab note scanning

You can scan paper lab notes using our mobile app and automatically file them under the right project and experiment.

Simply navigate to the experiment in question in Colabra for Android or iOS, then click the red circle with a scanning icon in the bottom right corner.

Scan button

You will be prompted to center the picture, and adjust the corners to ensure you're only including what you want to include in the scan. The image will be automatically straightened and processed to heighten the contrast of the notes and make it easier to read.

Once your scan is uploaded, we’ll run the most advanced optical character recognition algorithm to tag your notes and make it possible to find via the Search menu.

Once you're scanning your notes, you can find them by clicking "Scans" in the Colabra navigation bar on your computer.

Here, you can browse through all of the scans you’ve uploaded since your last review, and summarize them. Once you’re done, click “Add to summary” to append your notes to the relevant experiment summary.

You can always find the original images in the Scans tab of the experiment.

You can delete or download a scan by clicking the three dot menu and choosing Delete or Download.