Handwritten lab notes meet online collaboration

Electronic lab journals sucked for years — not anymore. Colabra is an ELN you'll actually want to use, not one you’re forced to deal with.

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Project management for lab researchers

Scientists use Colabra to improve their communication and project workflow

Digitize pen and paper lab notes

Write notes on our custom templates, then scan them with your phone. We'll file them under the right project and transcribe for easy search.

Collaborate across time and space

Edit experiment summaries with your colleagues, share projects for approval by external reviewers, and discuss your progress in real time.

Search, tag, and track changes

All your handwritten notes are transcribed for seamless search and categorization. Every change is logged for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Online collaboration is transforming science

”I was impressed by the power of a good collaborative tool. One outcome I noticed right away was increased efficiency. [An experiment] that would have taken me a month was completed within two weeks.”

Irene Park

Human Genetics PhD


“COVID really was what made us commit [to digitizing lab notebooks]. All of us being alone and needing access to former students’ experiments so we can write grants and plan our next experiments.”

Andrew Mann

Lab researcher


Digitize your own notes, collaborate with your peers, or empower your entire lab


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